How do I list a property on Real Lightning?

First, become a Member (good news - membership is free). You get a Buyer-Seller Profile, and you can post as many listings as you like.  To list a property on the site, log in, then click the "POST" button in the main menu to go to the Create Listing page.

What is the difference between a "Basic" and a "Premium" Property Listing?

Property listings are free to post, with great paid Premium Features to make your ad stand out.

FREE Basic Property Listing:

* Post your property for sale, rent, or lease in a commercial or residential real estate category
* Appear in our real estate database, easily searchable by location, price, category, and more
* Display up to 5 images FREE per listing
* Video - link to your YouTube or Vimeo video

Premium Property Listing:

* Stand out! Add an attention-grabbing Badge, upgrade with a Border, Bold Text, and Color Background
* Be at the Top! Display your ad in the Featured Listings carousel for your category -or- be First - Pop to the top of the List!
* More images - Post additional images for $1 or 1 Point each

Upgrading is easy, with a small fee for each Premium.  You can make your ad more eye-catching for as little as $10 (10 Points) per Premium Feature you add.  Premium Features include: Badges, Featured Ads Carousel, Bold, Border, Background Color, Extra Images.

Pssst!:  Do you sell a real estate product or service?  You can advertise on this site for a low flat fee!

Can I post a listing for my real-estate-related product or service?

Yes, absolutely.

Post your property-related products and services.  Starting at Only 30¢ a day, with the option to extend for 90 days or 1 full year (365 days).  Up to 5 images included.

30 Days: $10 or 10 Points.

90 Days: add $10 or 10 Points 

365 Days: add $36 or 36 Points

Additional Images:  $1 or 1 Point per image over 5 images.

Your Product or Service ad will appear in our Products & Services category, where buyers and sellers can find you by type of service, your location, and price.

Like our property listings, you can make your ad more eye-catching for as little as $10 (10 Points) per Premium Feature you add.  Premium Features: Badges, Featured Ads Carousel, Bold, Border, Background Color, Extra Images

What does it cost?

Real Lightning FREE features:

  • FREE to shop and browse - commercial properties, residential properties, or property-related products and services
  • FREE to join as a Real Lightning Member
  • FREE real estate investment articles
  • FREE mortgage loan calculator - bookmark it!

Real Lightning Membership has its privileges!

  • Post a commercial or residential property listing - Basic Property Listings always FREE
  • Contact owners, brokers, and agents directly through our Private Message system
  • Promote your real property products and services - get in front of Real Lightning Members (starting at $10 or 10 Points)
  • Profile Dashboard with My Listings, My Messages, My Points, and Saved Listings
  • Private Messaging - Directly contact brokers/agents, buyers, renters, sellers, and product/service providers


Currently, a Basic Real Property Listing is FREE for 30 days. 

A Products & Services listing starts at only $10 or 10 Points.  

Upgrade any Basic Listing to Premium with these eye-catching add-on Features:

  • Promo Badges - Add an attention-grabbing colorful badge:  "10% BELOW MARKET," "BROKER OWNER," "STATE LICENSED," etc. - 30 days, $10 or 10 Points
  • Special Promotion - Publish your ad in the Featured Ads Promotional carousel (Top of Category Page) for 7 days, $10 or 10 Points
  • First Promotion - Boost your ad to the top of the listings in your Category for 7 days,  $10 or 10 Points
  • Bold Promotion - Bold text on your ad for 30  days,  $10 or 10 Points
  • Border Promotion - Border line around your ad for 30 days,  $10 or 10 Points
  • Background Promotion - Contrasting background behind your ad  for 30 days,  $10 or 10 Points
  • More Images - First 5 images FREE, additional images only $1 or 1 Point each.

What are Points and how do I use them?

Buy a Points Package and save on promoting your ad! You can pay for your listing with a credit card at the regular rate shown for the Premium feature you choose - but you save money when you pay with Points.

Points let you save on your listing when you add Premium features.

How to save with Points:

When you post an ad, you can choose to pay with Points.
At check-out, click Points as your payment option, then choose a Points Package from the Pricing page and proceed to the check out. Deals start at 10-Point Package for only $9 (save 10%) and the deals get even better when you buy larger packages.

What is Real Lightning?

Real Lightning features below-market properties for the commercial and residential real estate buyer, seller, lessor, renter, and flipper.

Whether you're just looking for a good deal on real estate, buying and flipping properties in your area, a full time investor, or seeking pros to help you get there, you can find what you need here.

You will find property related products and services - brokers and agents, remodeling companies, construction companies, lending and insurance resources.

Who is Real Lightning?

Real Lightning is a United States based enterprise that aims to help serious real estate investors, buyers, and sellers connect and find the specialized services they need to become successful real estate owners, property managers, and investors.

Real Lightning is another great business created with Brilliant Factory®

Still have questions?

If you have a question that we haven't answered in this FAQ, you can contact us here: About us/Contact.