Here's how to buy on Real Lightning™

Real Lightning offers listings of below-market real property and investor-friendly real estate products and services throughout the United States.

You can browse all of the listings on Real Lightning any time, and when you're logged in, you can contact sellers directly.

  1. Join Real Lightning to become a Member (good news - membership is free). Click "Join" in the top menu, then fill and submit the form. 
  2. Set up your Buyer-Seller Profile.  Keep your user name and password safe.

How to buy, lease, or rent

Only Members can contact Sellers on Real Lightning™ - join for FREE - it's easy.

When you join as a Member, you can see the seller's preferred contact method in their listing details. You can also send a Private Message or use the Online Chat feature.


  1. Log into Real Lightning.
  2. Search for the properties, products, or services you desire.
  3. Click on a listing to view details.
  4. Contact the seller and make a deal!

That's it. You deal directly with the seller to arrange your purchase, lease, or rent of the property, products, or services.